Analytics & Photography

Alvin Cho

“So the problem is not so much to see what nobody has yet seen, as to think what nobody has yet thought concerning that which everybody sees.”
Arthur Schopenhauer



In a world where information growth is immeasurable he is an avid believer of using analytics tools to digest, analyze & action information to improve our businesses, lives & the world around him. Therefore, in the last 10 years his work spreads across a spectrum of product development, product management and strategy to achieve that end.  He is currently the Chief Architect & Co-Founder of an analytics product at a Fortune 100 company.



Besides seeing the beauty in analytics he also sees it through his lens, as a fashion photographer.  He's done various photoshoots from commercial work, lifestyle & fashion spreads to family portraits.  But his favorite is doing fashion narratives.  Being able to take imagination & creativity into the real world.  His work has been featured in magazines & online, notably Vogue Italia.